Wednesday, February 5, 2014

For February (Valentine's Day Month) I decided to go with bright pink. Here is my sewn fan and the threads and trims I plan to use. Only 28 days in February and I've already used 5 for February. I've got some catching up to do.

As you can see I still haven't decided how to do the unfinished triangle. Since I want it to be a rainbow fan quilt, I've thought of doing a trim around the fan and then doing more of the same color; could be solid with a large pattern or pieced, but I'm not sure the fan part will stand out enough. Next I thought of a neutral that I will use in all the squares. I decided I will finish my next square and see if that gives me a better canvas for my decision. I welcome any suggestions.

Here are multiple photos of my finished fan for January. (and it's only February 5th. So I'm already 5 days behind on the challenge!)

I decided on blue for my first square. It seems to reflect the cold snowy weather we have been having in Michigan. I haven't decided how to finish the triangle corner where the fan ends.

Here is a drawn up muslin.

I want to do a fan quilt for each month. I drew up a five part fan to use for my pattern. I'm going to transfer to muslin and then do a sew and clip to attach the fabric.

I decided on a rainbow quilt for the 12 month challenge. These are my fabric packs.